Sing Along with The Spazmatics to the Best – and Worst – of the 80s on Friday Night

Relive the best of the 1980s when you see The Spazmatics live in concert! Billed as “the ultimate 80’s New Wave show,” The Spazmatics are ready to deliver an amazing night of song and dance this Friday, June 7th at Brewster Street Ice House!

The Spazmatics were born in the spring of 1983 when physics professor Kevin Stigwood of Alta Dena High in Thousand Oaks, California, lost a debate over String Theory to a pupil in front of the entire student body and faculty. As agreed to by both parties, the loser would have to do anything that the winner demanded, and the victorious prodigy demanded that Mr. Stigwood perform “She Blinded Me With Science” by Thomas Dolby during half-time at an upcoming state basketball championship game.

Having no musical background and desperate to not go down in total humiliation, Professor Stigwood formed The Spazmatics by tapping the genius of electronics teacher Sydney Balderman (AKA “Syd Sonic”), who had achieved international acclaim in 1981 for his invention of “robot drums.” When Balderman explained that most of the music could be generated by computers, and that all he needed was a couple of decent musicians to complete The Spazmatics, Stigwood was ecstatic. To make The Spazmatics complete, Stigwood brought in his brother Curtis on bass, and teacher’s assistant Rusty A. Woosmeir (AKA “The Raw”) on guitar.

When The Spazmatics took center court that evening, members of the hip elite began heckling them with jibes of “geek” and “nerd,” while everyone else howled with laughter. But once they broke into the opening salvo of “Science,” the nonbelievers were stunned by the group’s authenticity of production, world class musicianship, and tight choreography. When it was all over, the crowd rose in a standing ovation, and The Spazmatics were born.

Be sure to see The Spazmatics before they’re gone! The band will perform live at Brewster Street Ice House this Friday. Admission is $10. Tickets may be purchased online at Please note that minors will be subject to a $3 surcharge upon entry. This fee does not extend to children 10 and under.

At Shadow Bend Apartments in Corpus Christi, Texas, we love mixing up on-site events with those happening in our greater area. Be sure to pencil this one into your busy schedule!

Event Time/Date:
Friday, June 7, 2019—9:00 PM

Event Venue Location:
Brewster Street Ice House
1724 North Tancahua Street
Corpus Christi, Texas 78401

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